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 Hayden Capone

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PostSubject: Hayden Capone   Sun May 29, 2011 3:03 am

Name: Hayden Capone

Age: 15

Personality: He is not what you would expect from a mob boss. He cares about his family (mob family, that is) and friends. He is optimistic, but has some anger issues. He is also more laid back most of the time, spending countless hours sleeping, watching tv (especially the movie Goodfellas) and being lazy. He also enjoys a good meal, especially the kind his girlfriend, Alice would make in Italy: fresh Italian lasagna and calzones. Also, he does not refer to Alice as his wife, but his girlfriend, because he didn’t approve of the marriage, but liked Alice. He also enjoys fresh air and the company of a woman even though he is only 15. He hates when his guardians get hurt.

Height: 5’9
Weight: 160

Flame: Ocean Flame

Family/Organization: Capone Family

Role: Boss

History: Hayden was born in Chicago on January 29th, Great Grandson to the greatest bootlegger ever, the infamous Al Capone. His father, knowing his son would someday take up his position, sent him to Hillsides of Italy to train with members of the families ties in Italy at age 2. He then, at age 5, showed that he had the power of a dying will flame. This was great news to his father, his son would be a powerful fighter too. His father decided to arrange a marriage for Hayden with a girl named Alice. He then sent Alice to Italy to help Hayden’s spirit. When he first met Alice, he didn’t know who she was. But when he was told it was an arranged marriage, he was furious with his father. But, he let her stay as his cook and “girlfriend” (NEVER SAY SHES HIS WIFE!!) because she was a good Italian cook and was “hot” by 9 year old standards. When he was 13, his trainer asked what kind of gun he would like for graduation to being a mob guardian. His response surprised the man. It was that he didn’t want a gun at all, he wanted two 2 foot tall scythes attached by a chain. So, it was made and he came back to America as a guardian to his father. Then, one night, his father gave Hayden a break on his guardian duties. This, of course, was the fateful day his father died. Finding him bloody and ruined in a back ally, Hayden’s fathers lasts words to him were “Be the best boss there was” and then let the heavens take him. Hayden has now, for a year now, be living up to those duties and trying to find the man who killed his father.

Ring(s): N/A

Boxes/Box Rings: N/A


Weapon(s): Chain Scythes, Revolver


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PostSubject: Re: Hayden Capone   Sun May 29, 2011 10:03 am

The ocean flame is much the same, usually calm and nothing more, but very wrathful if you betray it. The sea manages to let other things absorb it but change its state over time with help from the chemicals in the water, as its temperature can vary from time to time. Giving it to ability to control the temperature of an object and change the state of one.

Like ur char but the weapon is a no,no. U use the flame wrong u cant extend objects see it up there. Edit chain scythes than approved
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PostSubject: Re: Hayden Capone   Sun May 29, 2011 11:03 am

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PostSubject: Re: Hayden Capone   

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Hayden Capone
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