It is a Reborn! Role Play website. It is long after the tenth generation died. Vongola XIV is choosing his successor. A new generation of Arcobaleno is also starting.
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 Aden Strider

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Name: Aden Strider

Age: 17


Aden is a very fun smiling individual. He laughs and smiles a lot, well more like every waking day. He loves being active and is often seen running around or constantly moving a part of his body. He dislikes not moving as he gets bored quickly. Although he loves his PE class, and may actually stand still in it. He also has an odd way of doing some sports, such tennis, he holds the racket so the racket part rests on his forearm. His also dislikes things that get in his way, such as poles, walls, stop lights, cars (yes he managed to get hit by parked car XD). Although he has his love for kick boxing and his older and stronger twin, Derick. His has the habit of being really loud and using the word SUPREME at the end of things. He is very into festivals as he loves to have fun. He is also rather clueless and innocent at times. Aden is also quite the partier, getting in trouble at home for coming back late.



Height: 5 foot 9
Weight: 140lps thanks to musicals (tad bit underweight that’s to his health problem)

Flame: Forest

Family/Organization: Shimon Family

Role: Forest Guardian


Aden was born the younger, identical twin of Derick Strider. And of course their family had ties to the mafia in New York city. The family raised their boys to be strong tough men with their melee combat training. Although Aden has a problem with his health. He was born with a disorder that caused him to be paralyzed from the waist down. He gained the ability to walk after a accident including a speeding vehicle. Although it was a mirical it caused him to have a hole in his heart. Even though it was fixed it caused problems with the thought of become the heir to the family. That never happened, but Aden was proud to have Derick as a brother, he looked up to Derick with all his heart. Once they moved to Japan just 4 years ago Aden got into training. Well more or less fights everyday at school because someone said the wrong thing about his brother. Although because his brother was the family jewel Aden got little to no attention from his parents. It seemed though the only one that cared was his brother, when he was around. So Aden got into fighting on the streets, and learned kickboxing from a friend’s father, who was once the world champ running 5 years, until he broke his leg. Aden became known for his street fights and brawls around town. Once he hit highschool he stopped the street brawls and opened his own kick boxing club. It is debated around the school, who is stronger then who, Aden or Derick. Recently he found out he has one lung and the other had a hole, plus his immune system is naturally weak thanks to all the drugs he’s been pumped with over the years. Aden got his lung patched up but he weights very little compared to others, as he is sick with something if he even fills his stomach to much or eats the wrong thing (which seems to happen a lot). When he was in the hospital after surgery a boy named Roy asked him if he would join his mafia family. Aden accepted because of his dumb founded nature.

Ring(s): Forest Shimon XV Guardian Gear

Boxes/Box Rings: Forest Shimon XV Guardian Gear A box weapon or two

Equipment: Forest Shimon XV Guardian Gear a box weapon or two

Weapon(s): Steel Forest Gloves, Steel Forest Shins, Forest Shoes (a light metal with his density and durability)

Techniques: will be explained through rp.
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Aden Strider
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