It is a Reborn! Role Play website. It is long after the tenth generation died. Vongola XIV is choosing his successor. A new generation of Arcobaleno is also starting.
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 Okaru Angel

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PostSubject: Okaru Angel   Okaru Angel EmptySat May 28, 2011 6:08 pm

Name: Okaru " Iced Angel" Angel or " Icy"

Age: 17

Personality: He is merciless to anyone who tries to kill him or a family member. He is very calm and cocky. He can analyze any situation and how to fix it. He won't hurt women or children, but will kill with no hesitation a man he is fighting. He tries not to kill, but will if needed. He is a kind and prideful person to know. He will die fro his friends and family(real family and mafia.) If someone tries to hurt them he says " I will freeze your cold heart solid."

Appearance: Okaru Angel Tek208e443
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs.

Flame: Glacier

Family/Organization: Shimon

Role: Glacier Guardian

History: He was born in a poor family. He one day found out he had his flame when he saw a lady getting mugged and saved her. He went home to show his parents, but they were dead. A man told him that he was his real dad and they were kidnappers. He learned he was a long descendant of Shimon Cozart. He joined The Shimon Family, and had tremendous natural strength with his flame, because who he is related to. He loves his boss and obeys any of his commands.

Ring(s): Shimon Glacier Ring

Boxes/Box Rings: Glacier Shimon Box XV gen.

Equipment: Shimon Tatoo (triggers gear)

Weapon(s): Ice Scythe

Techniques: Iceberg: he smashes the enemy with a huge block of ice
Hail: He causes hail to rain.
Freeze: He cuts the person with his scythe. The cut freezes.
Frost Breath: He screams and the air around his mouth becomes freezing and surrounds you then freezes.
Frostbite: Makes a huge blade of ice cut the enemy

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PostSubject: Re: Okaru Angel   Okaru Angel EmptySat May 28, 2011 6:26 pm

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Okaru Angel
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