It is a Reborn! Role Play website. It is long after the tenth generation died. Vongola XIV is choosing his successor. A new generation of Arcobaleno is also starting.
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 Izumo Aikawa

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PostSubject: Izumo Aikawa   Izumo Aikawa EmptyTue May 24, 2011 4:55 pm

Name: Izumo Aizawa

Age: 17

Personality: She is a flirty girl. Often try to seduced man or boy, she can be quite sadistic in a battle, and like to torture her enemy. Her loyalty to the vegaz family is absolute and she is kind to her fellow guardian. Her true personality is that of a hopeless romantic, she always want to find a boy that could defeat him in a battle because she thinks boy must protect girl. Outside her flirty hobby, she will be faithfull to the one she love and will not do an act of infidelities. Her hopeless romantic personality is the effect of a frequent reading of sad love romance novel and a tragic love movies, which both she like very much.

Izumo Aikawa Okuni
Izumo Aikawa Tekbe81726
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 55

Flame: Spacedust

Family/Organization: Vegaz Family

Role: Spacedust Guardian

History: She was born into a priest family in japan. Her family have a connection to Vegaz Family from a long time ago, and it's a tradition that one member of her family become the spacedust guardian of vegaz family. So she receive a flame training and illusion making training from her father since she was 6 years old. As a result from her long time training, not a single boy can defeat her and she get depressed everytime her father ask him to find a strong man to marry. When she turns 17, her father give her a bottle of Venus Scent and told her to meet and greet the new will be vegaz family leader


Boxes/Box Rings:

Equipment: Venus Scent

Weapon(s): a priestess staff


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PostSubject: Re: Izumo Aikawa   Izumo Aikawa EmptyTue May 24, 2011 6:20 pm

I approved of her. I know officially have 2 guardians. I shall start the thread.
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Izumo Aikawa
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