It is a Reborn! Role Play website. It is long after the tenth generation died. Vongola XIV is choosing his successor. A new generation of Arcobaleno is also starting.
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 New Flames

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PostSubject: New Flames   Sat May 21, 2011 3:44 pm

---Flamesof theOcean

Color: deep navy blue [with sky blue edge]
Ability: Cycle -The ocean is a constant never ending cycle, moving in and out every day with the tide it creates. It’s a never ending cycle at work. The ocean flame is much the same, usually calm and nothing more, but very wrathful if you betray it. The sea manages to let other things absorb it but change its state over time with help from the chemicals in the water, as its temperature can vary from time to time. Giving it to ability to control the temperature of an object and change the state of one.
Ocean flames are malevolent, calming, and soothing. Like a misty breeze on the shores of a beach the water is both beautiful and mysterious. It's color is a deep blue that seems to shine with a brightness no matter how dark the day may be. It's truly a flame that holds all the flames of the Ocean together. It's texture is like watery and mist like combined.
Extra Information:

Ability: Erosion - Destroying the land one bit at a time. The ocean is often the cause of many beach home destructions thanks to the erosion is causes. By brushing back and forth against a object it slowly breaks it down small tiny bits of sand that lay under your feet on the beach. Although this flame comes in handy thanks to its hyper erosion speeds. This flame is rather hard to defeat seeing as it also may have an effect on the user, as it may erode armor, clothing and anything else the user is wearing.
Extra Information:

Ability: Regeneration/Enhancement -The moon, pretty nice to see at night reflecting off the ocean’s surface. Some animals feast, some animals are the pray when the moon is out. The moon has a high effect on the water making it rather nice to have around. It often gives a nice calm beautiful night feeling. Its very nice to have a camp fire in the moon light. This flame by using its more positive ability by putting its like on the ocean and others often gives a positive effect on your body, making you rest for a bit to regain your energy and heal your wounds. Although this flame is like it gives a super cat nap to one part of your body allowing it to heal and become stronger.
Extra Information:

Ability: Solidification -You know that white substance that often masks your view while driving near water. Well its quite a pain when you have to slow down and be extra careful as you don’t know what’s around the corner. You’re out in the fog alone, you thought you heard something behind you so you look, there’s nothing there behind you. You now thought you saw a shadow behind you, do you dare to look behind you, yes, but unfortunately it’s something you never seen before and you die. The fog flame allows to user to basically play around with the foes mind giving them the sense of paranoia. The fog user can make things appear and reappear through the shadows he or she creates, making everything solid and compact. The best thing you can do here against this flame is to be quick witting and light on your feet as you may never know what may be around the corner.
Extra Information:

Ability: Crystallization/Hardening - The pretty little things at edge of the beaches you love so much. They range in colors and sizes, and shapes. Well this flame has usually one shape and one color unfortunately. This flame has the ability to spread the coral’s cells through its flame to make something nice and hard and give it a good structure, also being able to connect and spread around like wild fire. That’s not the only thing though; these tiny cells also have a shocking factor to them. They can shock people if they get to close to it or touch it with bare skin, even though it’s not that big if a shock is still astonishing and hurts really bad, but it certainly won’t be enough to kill you with just shocks.
Extra Information:

Ability: Flow- Flow is what keeps our water from standing still and basically being no use to us. Without it we would have probably little electrical power back in the day. The flow flame allows the user to change directions of the attack, or almost anything for that matter. By using its flames current like motion it can change the path of a bullet, a punch a kick and so forth. Although this is only one of the lower stages of the flame, at higher stages it can redirect pain (the feeling) to another person. At even higher grades it can take the pain away from others.
Extra Information:

Ability: Pressure - The lower you go the more deadly the pressure you get. That’s part of the reason why us humans can’t go down to the bottom of the ocean. Pressure is a deadly thing even though you may not thick it is. This flame can control the pressure of the surrounding or designated area. Although the intensity of this flame is depended on the ring flame and the users power level for it. Like the ocean flame this one has minor control over the temperature, but ocean flame as more control of it.
Extra Information:

Color: black with white edges
Ability: Void - A rather mysterious flame. Unlike Sky which sooths flames...It causes the flame to act more wild and uncontrollable. Like it has a mind of it's own. It has the potential to make the opponent's rings, flames, and box gear to turn on them by making enter the flame itself. Space being the thing that’s all around us has a high effect on us, if one thing goes wrong everything is effect. It has the ability to make flames see its way of things and listen to it in an almost threatening way, this flame being naturally stronger then most flames has the intimidating factor to almost scare those flames into listening to it. This flame acts as a bully or a political figure making other flames see its way in things, either by lying or some other factor. The flame itself prefers to act independent from its user and tends to sometimes flip out and have an outburst of power.
Appearance: At the core, the density of these flames are seemingly pure black, but extending out, they seem to emanate a white glow. Space is vast, and if one looked closely at these flames, you truly could see a universe in them. Also, in the middle a white swirl is in the dark abyss.
Extra Information: The ones of the Space aspect are tend to dominate and controlling. Either openly or secretly. They also very secretive and thoughtful.

Color: Brownish-Red
Ability: Degeneration - A flame that acts as a sort of virus that slows down, almost stops the healing process and energy of anything bathed in this flame. It can also pierces through most defenses easily. The reason it has the ability to break and pierce most substances is because of its sheer speed and heat. When meteors fall out of the sky they often fall at high speeds and burn up in the atmosphere and few make it down to earth. These flames act like larger ones that can cause sever damage to buildings and other landmarks. And thanks to the extreme heat it burns skin slowing the healing process and sometimes even stopping it. Although if there is too much heat it can effect user and cause the same problem. This flame tends to attack rapidly and in numerous attacks.
Appearance: rown at rough at their core, these flames grow soft at the exterior, and seem to resemble visible specs of dirt and dust with a metallic look. These flames are in constant motion, never ceasing and always trudging forward. No matter how much you chip away at the flames, they always seem to return with more force than before.
Extra Information: They tend to be high spirited yet hot headed. They tend to have a violent temper but makes up with their sheer loyalty..though sometimes lack patience and tend to jump the gun.

Color: Yellow with a ring of color
Ability: Bacteria- the ability to control and make bacteria from ones flame. This flame is a very special one, it allows you to great and heal people with the bacteria in many different ways. While there's also another hidden side to it, that's only unlocked if the wielder snaps. They can use the bacteria in a bad way and make your skin burn and feel painful. It also can lower the senses and stamina of the opponent.

Also, this flame is highly effected by temperature of the environment. If its hot their ability to create bacteria will increase greatly, while the cold decreases how fast you can create them.

Appearance: These flames are quite a spectacle to see. The flames are what give people a sense of emotion, and awe in seeing them. Falling stars are every astronomers dream, and like your first shooting star, these flames wear their emotions on their sleeve so to speak. They can be yellow in hue or an orange tint, to even red and blue. The specs at the edge of the flame become more solid of course depending on their feelings in the moment.

Extra Information: The star flame folk tend to emotional and easy to read and are very honest and helpful. However, they tend to have mood swings, bi-polarism, or unstable personalities. Also, they are weak against the cold.

Color: lavender and indigo
Ability: Visualization -Flames that are visually opaque and see through. They are speckled flames through and through, and seem to have no truly solid form. Like dust that is only visible in great quantities, spacedust is the same way. They are only visually seen when massed together, and it's as if these lucid flames are almost unreal. The star dust often has the ability to fracture and reflect light in many ways that can trick your eye. Although sometimes its almost so real, even the most unreal things, can feel real to you even thought you know they are not. This flame however, is not as easy to get rid of as you want to be like mist just simply have a striate forward mind. This flame requires concentration and will power. You have to stick through these visuals and not be scared or afraid of them seeing as these pictures you are seeing are not real and can not hurt you in anyway. You may feel the pain of being bitten but there is no scares or proof you have been bitten, it just feels like so. This flame may also create things that you never even heard of or seen in your life. To break out of this you must simply touch the user in anyway. This flame tends to affect more creative people then anyone else, not to mention star flame users.
Appearance: : Flames that are visually opaque and seethrough. They are speckled flames through and through, and seem to have no truly solid form. Like dust that is only visible in great quantities, spacedust is the same way. They are only visually seen when massed together, and it's as if these lucid flames are almost unreal...
Extra Information:

Color: bright orange/brick red
Ability: Hyperspeed -These flames are a very odd one. They don’t have effects like the others, but instead have the effect to control speeds. A comet may seem to move slowly but if you think about it, no it isn’t. Its actually moving faster than you think, not to mention its quite a bit larger than yourself. These flames allow the user to move at high speed, almost as if the person was traveling along its tail, right behind the comet itself. The user also doenst need to just speed up his running, he can speed up the movement of his muscles exercising them faster making temporarily buff or stronger.
Appearance: The comet flames are sturdy and powerful they burn with a bright orange at their center, and extend into a furious red at their outermost edge. A comet is quick, and burns with a heat like no other. These flames hit hard and hit fast, and once you are struck by them, it takes time to recover from their strike.
Extra Information:

Color: green/blue
Ability: Reduction -These Flames can be used to weaken a target by robbing its strength and capacity of movement along with energy. It is a double edge sword, so it CAN harm you if not careful. For too much usage without control result in it affecting the user. It can also wear away senses and emotions when come in contact. The orbit flame is able to do this by keeping an orderly track of who is smaller and bigger, but moves faster and such. This flame makes other go around it, robbing them of all the strength they had, seeing as their orbit is much then a substance itself. Although when orbit has no control things get out of whack and substances can roam freely off track and mess everything up. Every non controlled attack you make could be the end as the orbit flame may lose grip. You may feel sluggish and sleepy - this might be why Orbit users are lethargic, calculative, and orderly most of the time.
Appearance: The flames of orbit are smooth and rounded, but also large and small. Their shape is always fluctuating, and in constant change. Orbits flames are green at their core, and seem to lighten into a blue as you extend outwards. Also, Orbit follows a set goal though, to follow a path for all time and never unwaver in it's determined path. These flames are all together soft, but a sense of stern can be felt when nearing them.
Extra Information:

Color: dark purple/black
Ability: Absorption - These flames are also rather wild. They have the ability to consume and absorb other flames to have their flames get stronger and wider. It is a widespread flame, able to deal with multiple flames and their users at once. This makes them a formidable foe, however it can also effect the user and their allies if not careful. A nebulae is often something that pulls substances together to form one thing. It pulls and sucks anything near it to make itself bigger and stronger. By absorbing other flames it builds onto its current power making them stronger. This flame isn’t picky about it eats up but if its to much at a time it will either burn out and then to use it more drain or stamina faster, or shatter you ring from all the power you are taking in. This flame is the one that destroys the most rings because people tend to abuse this power once they gained it.
Appearance: Nebula's flames are a dark purple at their core, and extend outwards into a deep dark black. The nebula is ever changing, and can implode or explode. They are volatile flames that are constantly lashing outwards, and are always ready to create and incite chaos at any point in time.
Extra Information:

Credit to

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Plz poat in the introduction section
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New Flames
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