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 Capone info

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Name: The Capone Family


History: The family was an old family from the 1500's from italy. It was small until it was resurrected in Chicago in the 1920s by Al Capone, gangster and bootlegger in Chicago and is still there today. After he was arrested on tax fraud, and and after that a plethora of other charges, he left his son, “Sonny” Capone in charge of the family. His son ran the gang until the 80’s when he died and passed the gang down to his son, “Ruthless” Jonny Capone. Jonny reigned for 2 decades until he died and left his son, Hayden Capone, an assassin, in charge.

Size: 1,800 members in america + 200 in training=2,000

Influence: Italy

Alliances: None yet

Type of Flame (Earth,Sky, Ocean or Space): Ocean

Boss: Boss
Hayden Capone
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Current Guardian
Rossa Corrente
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Maelstorm Guardian
[center]Umi Raifu
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Capone info
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