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 Nakamura Millefiore (Boss app)

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Nakamura Millefiore (Boss app) Empty
PostSubject: Nakamura Millefiore (Boss app)   Nakamura Millefiore (Boss app) EmptyMon May 30, 2011 3:09 pm

Name: Nakamura Millefiore

Age: 24

Personality: Nakamura is a mysterious person to most people. He is a phantom, most people outside of his family don't even know who he is. He is a tactician who makes calculating moves and is a somewhat secretive person. Those close to him know only what he wants them to know and do what he wants them to do. He is feared amongst those who know who he is because of his powers and control of his flame.

Appearance: Nakamura Millefiore (Boss app) Tek4853938 Nakamura Millefiore (Boss app) Teke759569
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150lbs

Flame: Sky

Family/Organization: Millefiore

Role: Boss

History: Nakamura was born a descendant of Byakuran the former leader of the Millefiore family generations before himself. When he was born he was automatically made the heir to the family and took on the name of the family and since he could form a fist he was trained. Since before he was six years old he was trained for combat, he attended the best schools for knowledge, and he was placed close to the then boss to learn how to run the empire. He was taught the history of the Millefiore and how it came to be. He was told of the defeat of the former leader Byakuran and the fall of their family.

He feelings towards the Vongola were never clear to anyone who knew him but it was of no concern to anyone. When he was still young he was picking up on the finer points on fighting quite well and he soon after began to train his flame. It took him ten years of extensive training every single day to finally master his flame and control it fully. When he was eighteen his control of his flame was so great that when he enters his battle mode he can make it so that his flame doesn't show so that it appears he had not entered it at all.

Since the Millefiore family is a now underground family that almost no others know about Nakamura plans to restore it's name and make it a mafia powerhouse like the Vongola family. He plans to find suitable candidates for the Six Funeral Wreaths and then bring his family from the underground. Once he brings the Millefiore family back to light no one knows what he plans to do but himself and the world will have to wait to find out.

Ring(s): Sky Mare Ring

Boxes/Box Rings: None

Equipment: None

Weapon(s):White Titan Gloves

1) Power Up- If he does not start at full power he will power up when needed to unleash the full power of his flame. His hands become engulfed in his flame and he can use it to power up his attacks.

2) Death Ball- Nakamura uses his flame control to compress his flame in a small ball which can fit in his hand before shooting it at an opponent. Due to the energy in the ball it will expend over time making it larger very quickly after it is shot making it very hard to dodge if you don't know the technique.

3) Dark Wave-Nakamura uses his soft flame to plant himself in the ground and fires a giant wave of hard flames at his enemy.

4) Flight- Nakamura uses his soft flame at the bottom of his feet to gain the ability to fly.

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Nakamura Millefiore (Boss app) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nakamura Millefiore (Boss app)   Nakamura Millefiore (Boss app) EmptyMon May 30, 2011 3:11 pm

APPROVED plz make Vongola Cloud Guardian it is the only spot left
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Nakamura Millefiore (Boss app)
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